Write your name and find letters in the woods

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As you are walking in a forest or woods, your garden or even your local park, there are always lots of sticks, twigs, leaves, and small stones lying on the ground. Why not try moving them around to spell your name and the names of your family and friends?

Alice, in her photo below, decided to write her name in leaves and twigs on her red doorstep when she got home, and Tim wanted to write his name on a pathway. You can write your name with almost anything you find whilst you are walking. Why not have a go – it’s really fun!

Photos of the names Alice and Tim laid out in sticks

Or try looking for letters of the alphabet that have grown naturally from roots, tree trunks, fallen branches or bushes that you walk past in the woods, forest or your local park.? If you look very carefully you can find almost every letter you need. Take a photo of them or draw a sketch. It does not matter if other people can’t see what you see. We all look at things differently . Why not see where your imagination takes you? Look for other letters and see what you can find. Maybe you could write a story that uses your photo letters  from nature like illuminated manuscripts from the Middle Ages?

Image of the initial letter B from a medieval manuscript

ut your photo letters from nature could look even better.

Start each of your paragraphs with a photo letter or sketch.

Why not have a go?

Please remember to send your photos, drawings, sketches, poems, stories, films and all the other creative things you have done to: ffowinsta@gmail.com.