• Moderate

Walk 1 Around The Hills


6 miles (9.5 km)

3 hours approx

Around the Hills


  • Dogs permitted (on a lead)

Transport Options

  • Transport via Bicycle
  • Car Parking Available
This walk takes you around some of the best known and most interesting parts of Frodsham’s countryside: Overton Hill, Frodsham woods, Dunsdale Hollow, Woodhouse Hill, Snidley Moor, Crowmere, Marl Pits, Frodsham Caves and Memorial Field. A delightful walk throughout the year with some magnificent views.

DISTANCE: 6 miles approx.

NOTE: Some fairly steep ascents and descents. Some steep drops and unfenced sections from the memorial to Woodhouse Hill. Some steps. Can be muddy. Wear strong footwear. Frodsham Hill Wood, Woodhouse Hill and Snidley Moor are owned and cared for by The Woodland Trust. (WT) Sandstone Trail (ST) North Cheshire Way (NCW)

START: Beacon Hill/Sandstone Trail car park on Simon’s Lane off Manley Road. As the walk is circular you could start and finish at other convenient points e.g. on the Ridgeway close to Snidley Moor track, waymarked ST/Bridleway.


From Beacon Hill/ST car park turn R onto Simon’s Lane and walk a short distance to the waymarked track on the opposite side of the road. This leads to the Sandstone Trail.
Go down the track and continue straight ahead over the golf course (Take care, golfers may be on the course.) passing hole 17/bench to the exit in the corner.
Bear L. onto narrow path until you meet a small junction with a way-marker post signed ST/Manley Common/Delamere and NCW.

Bear L down steps to reach Dunsdale Hollow.

Go down metal steps – Jacob’s Ladder – then turn R, reaching a junction of paths. Look for the original Jacob’s Ladder sandstone steps in the sandstone rock face.

Turn L (skirting the top end of Dunsdale Hollow) to reach a fairly steep rock outcrop on the right – Abraham’s Leap. Go up this then continue along the top of the escarpment, alongside the golf course and through Woodhouse Hill woodland.

At bench with information board and views keep straight on through woodland until you reach a semi-open clearing. Here there is another information board set into a sandstone rock.

Bear L keeping by the edge of Woodhouse Hill woodland (along this path on the left hand side look out for ‘I once was a tree’ post.) until you reach a junction.

Turn R to follow the ST track down a gentle slope (Snidley Moor on left) until a small gate is reached on left – close to a pond.

Go through gate into the field bearing right at the end until a gate is reached on left.

Through gate into a valley. Follow this valley path (The Royalty) until a small gate is reached. Shortly after the gate keep left to climb up a short steep bank into a field. Keeping to the left fence carry on across the field until you reach a stile by the road. (Riley Bank).

Go straight across the road up to the junction but keep left staying on the ‘main’ road.

Continue down to the bottom of the road until a track is reached on the L. (Restricted by-way sign/Delamere Way)

Turn L. onto track and walk to the top to meet a lane on a bend. (Harrol Edge covered reservoir [inaccessible] is up the track on the left)

Go straight ahead onto Dobers Lane until you come to road junction with Sutton’s Lane on left and Crowmere ahead. (Bench. Suitable place for picnic/snack stop.)

Turn R down track – Crowmere on the left – past the house and buildings to reach the Marlpits – a wooded area with lots of banks and hollows.

Follow the path through to the end. Go through the gate turning R into the lane. Walk down about 150 yds turning L. into Top Road.

Walk down Top Road until the road bears right. On the left is a field gate with a small gate. Go through the small gate and walk up the field past the children’s play area until you reach another small gate. Through the gate, take the small path to the right downhill to the caves dug into the sandstone outcrop. (Walk back up to have a closer look at the caves if you wish before returning to the path – take care if you enter caves.)

Carry on down the path to the road – Manley Road.

Turn L for about 100 yds then turn R into Simon’s Lane.

Just after golf course entrance turn R along a track/path passing a bungalow and across the front of large house (called Heathercliffe) to take a small fenced path downhill to Bellemonte Road. (Notice splendid views from along this path)

Turn L uphill reaching the Memorial Gates on the right. Walk through gates to the War Memorial. (Benches on which to sit to admire the fine views. Also information board relating to local war memorials, and toposcope with pointers to distant landscape features.)

Turn L along ST/NCW path through Frodsham Hill Wood, keeping left uphill, (not following ST/NCW downhill at small junction) up steps past the hotel, continuing along top path and alongside golf course until you reach the way-marker post for Beacon Hill/ST car park which was encountered shortly after starting the walk. Go L up this small path to the golf course then retrace the original route across it, up the track to meet Simon’s Lane.

Turn R back to Beacon Hill/ST car park on left.

Adapted from Frodsham Parish Paths leaflet (February 2021)
Useful map – Ordnance Survey Explorer 267

Map of the route
Frodsham Festival of Walks 2021 Walk 1: Around The Hills