Try out our nature hunt

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When you go out on your next walk with your friends or family, why not take this list of things to find, hunt down and look out for?

You might want to take your camera, notebook and a pencil with you too, so that you can either take a photo or draw some of the things that you find.

When you get home, you could create a journal or a collage of your photos and drawings and email them to us at the Frodsham Festival of Walks:

We will post a selection of them on our website and our social media platforms for others to enjoy.

We hope you find will something that gives you and your family a great experience while you are walking – and keeps you exploring and returning to our local green spaces for years and years to come.

How many of these things can you find? How many of these things can you find?
A pine cone An acorn
A grey feather A smooth pebble or stone
A stick as long as your arm A yellow flower
A brown leaf A blade of grass as long as your hand
A clover leaf A leaf skeleton
Find a piece of tree bark on the ground A stick shaped like any letter of the alphabet
A leaf that has been half eaten by an insect Pine needles
A piece of moss Something purple
A stone shaped like a heart Something shaped like a triangle
A white feather A small piece of colourful rock
A holly leaf A black feather
A piece of fruit in a tree or a bush A spider’s web
Animal tracks A pond or a stream
A cloud that looks like an animal A tree with a hollow
A fallen tree or branch A stone wall
A field growing any crop Any farm animal