Remembering Joe Beswick (1931-2020)

Joe lived in or around Frodsham for most of his life and loved the area, particularly the outdoors. A footpath on Woodhouse Hill was named “Joe’s path” after he had constructed it

For 20 years Joe was a voluntary warden of Frodsham Marshes. He was regularly seen out clearing litter and guarding against fly-tippers. He was a longstanding member of the Woodland Trust. For many years he supported Frodsham Town Council working voluntarily inspecting and keeping the community’s network of public footpaths clear and tidy. One of Joe’s favourite tasks was tending Manley Road Copse. Joe had a wealth of local history knowledge and was a valued member of Frodsham History Society. In 1992 he researched and co-led 4 walks covering a ‘Perambulation of the boundary of the Ancient Parish of Frodsham’ based on a 1762 document. Details of this 34-mile Heritage Trail were published as a booklet ‘The Frodsham Millennium Walks’ by Frodsham Town Council.

He was a talented runner who started off his athletics career in the army, developing into an inspirational coach in multiple local clubs. He was the heart and soul of Helsby Running Club, both as a competitor and coach. At the age of 63 he ran the full 32-mile length of the daunting Sandstone Trail from Frodsham to Whitchurch in just over 6 hours. Until a knee injury at the age of 80, he competed regularly in fell races. In addition to his athletic activities, he was heavily involved in organising outdoor adventures for both voluntary organisations and the apprentices in his charge.

In 2012 Joe Beswick Olympic torch Macclesfield
In 2012 Joe proudly carried the Olympic torch through Macclesfield.