Get Creative

Welcome to the Get Creative pages we have created for the Frodsham Festival of Walks 2021. As we are only able to offer self-led walks this year because of the ongoing Covid-19 regulations, we felt it might be fun to suggest a few other ways that you and your families can enjoy the countryside, parks and green spaces we all enjoy in and around Frodsham.

Please send us your photos, drawings, sketches, poems, stories, films and all the other creative things you might decide to do to: We will try to post as much of your work on our website and social media platforms as we can. Thank you.

We hope you find activities that give you and your families a great experience and lots of fun while you are walking – and keeps you exploring and returning to our local green spaces for years and years to come.

Resource pack from Julia McGuinness

In the Toolkit

Walking & Writing Sheet

Walkers’ Poems