Foraging and Foraging Recipes

Woods and hedgerows are great places to forage and find wild food and connect with our local landscapes. Please forage sustainably and responsibly, and make sure you stay safe and within the law.

Try not to take more produce than you plan to consume. Please stick to paths and take care not to trample down or damage areas you are collecting from. Uprooting plants is harmful so pick leaves or berries with care, in moderation and try to avoid damaging plant roots.

Our friends at The Woodland Trust have kindly allowed us to share their very useful and informative website pages that give you lots more information about the ‘do’s and don’ts’ of foraging, together with some delicious recipes of things to make with the produce you find.

Responsible foraging guidelines:

Foraging in May:

Foraging Recipes:

Good luck with your foraging, but please remember to keep safe and follow the guidelines set out by the Woodland Trust. Please send us photos of the produce you find and maybe the food that you produced from them. Maybe you have some of your own recipes that you would like to share with others too?

Please remember to send your photos, drawings, sketches, poems, stories, films and all the other creative things you have done to: