Write your name and find letters in the woods

  As you are walking in a forest or woods, your garden or even your local park, there are always lots of sticks, twigs, leaves, and small stones lying on the ground. Why not try moving them around to spell your name and the names of your family and friends? Alice, in her photo below,… Read More →

Try out our nature hunt

  When you go out on your next walk with your friends or family, why not take this list of things to find, hunt down and look out for? You might want to take your camera, notebook and a pencil with you too, so that you can either take a photo or draw some of… Read More →

Create your own stick maze in the woods

Find some sticks and fallen branches on your walk and try making your own Stick Maze. These are quite elaborate mazes, but you can start making some quite simple ones. Try using this template to get you started. Why not practice with this one: and then get your friends and family to find their way… Read More →

Foraging and Foraging Recipes

Woods and hedgerows are great places to forage and find wild food and connect with our local landscapes. Please forage sustainably and responsibly, and make sure you stay safe and within the law. Try not to take more produce than you plan to consume. Please stick to paths and take care not to trample down… Read More →

15 things to do and think about while you are walking!

  Sometimes, when we are out walking on our own, or even with our friends and family, our minds wander and we start to think about all kinds of things: what to have for dinner; problems at home or work; family issues; conversations that you can’t stop re-running in your head like a loop –… Read More →