Dog Walking Code

For safe and happy walks with your dog, and to avoid causing problems for others, follow the Dog Walking Code >

  • Ensure your dog is under effective control
  • Prevent your dog from approaching horse riders, cyclists or other people and their dogs uninvited
  • Keep your dog with you at all times and do not let it stray into crops, grassed fields or fruit and vegetables
  • Do not allow your dog to worry or chase wildlife or livestock
  • Keep your dog on a short lead when passing farm animals or horses
  • Find the safest route around animals, giving them plenty of space and using paths or access land where possible
  • If threatened, exit the area quickly and calmly, releasing your dog to make it easier for you both to reach safety
  • Always be a responsible dog owner and carry poop bags with you on walks and clean up after your dog and either dispose in public waste bins or take home with you

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