Frodsham Festival of Walks Build Log: *** This is the Build Log of the LIVE SITE ****

15 & 16th
Updated images, added note re activation email on resistration page

GO LIVE (soft no ref to SG's)
Added thanks, enabled all menus (apart from walks)
Split walk 10 into 3 and changed menus and links on events
Changed teaser on Home pages

Zeroed hits on articles and walks (16:11)

Delayed going live
updated photos for Walks 42,19 &31
Made changes based on martins e-mail (removed ref to SP & JB)

Installed default OSMap
removed legacy JEM stuff 
Reset article hit count to 0
Reset JEM events to 0

*** Moved Staging to LIVE in prep for go live
Checked and amended walks against 'draft' booklet
Some icons changed by me.
Walk 42 'An afternoon with... Booking link left open

Added more walk images and changed some icons around
Uploaded 'coming soon' booklet
Changed registration and booking guide to add how to create an account
Added text relating to images under contact us

Register button changed to "Please login to register for this walk."
Walk images updated
Registration and Booking Guide created
Resized default walks image
Played around with JEM events list on home page and menu

checked details (and corrected where necessary) against Glyn's spreadsheet.
Updated Sue & Kaths owned walks registration options

Resized google maps to fit mobile phones
Set up links under Mgmt menu to view registered walkers.

Facilities icons for Glyn, Sue and Kath done
Mobile (off-canvas menu) built
Mgmt links built
Walk cancellation links built
Modified Home page based on brochure intro
Added reset hits module

Completed location details on all walks.
Safety on walks removed
Customised Walks & Registration drop down menu list so we can see all walks on smaller screens. 
Set for 24 clock on all walk descriptions.
removed transport section, buggy,wheelchair from all walks
removed difficulty labels from all walks.

more checking/adding location details done walks 5-20
Accessibility options (wheelchair) removed

Finished naming walks and populating entries based on 'Master Brochure Grid' recvd noon 23/2/24
CHECKED Menu entries OK
CHECKED next and previous walks OK
Started adding/checking location details done walks 1-4.

Started naming walks and populating entries based on 'Master Brochure Grid' recvd noon 23/2/24

Reasons for Walking added

Changed Menus & Logo to solve header issue (may need to revisit alignment)
changed My Registrations to My Walks
Changed Need to Know to Important Information menu
Added mandatory notice to registration.
Privacy Policy added
Accessibility Icon needs changing

Added picture to walk19

Added picture to Walk5
Safeguarding and Constitution added under About Us menu

Finished adding boilerplate walks to Walks Menu
Started creating walks from info sent (labelled beta on menu)
Changed registration menu to appear on side of articles rather than top
Created about us menu and added volunteering,gdpr, and contact us pages
Created dog walking and safety on walks pages and added them to need to know menu

Started reconfiguring menus (chapters)
Created boilerplate walk and 2025 brochure
Countryside Code added to Need to Know mneu
What you need to Know added to Need to Know menu
Conditions of Participation added to Need to Know menu
started creating alpha versions of walks and adding to menu

Added info on 2020 walks to FFOW archive page
Removed reason for walk cancellation to walk 1 announcement
Changed how to use Management Account and emailed to Martin

Backup and upgraded staging platfrom from 4.4.0 to 5.0.0 - checked JEM and custom code work Okay. Dropdown menu icons need attention.

Following discussions - image on home page and some text changed.

Tweaks to text on home and archive pages.
Removed links from support menu (changed access permissions)

As a result of 29/9/23 feedback- Changed image on home page, corrected typos, removed a section of text.
Emailed feedback log to martin.

Changes and updated managedment guide e-mailed to Martin
Home page text changed to match bookmark
Moved to to more accurately reflect it's function (removed joomla...., files, database and user) Management Guide updated

Archive page completed
Backup Package updated 9.6.2 to 9.7.1
Backed Up
JEM package updated 4.0.0 to 4.1.0

Home page images modified so only 1 appears on mobile devices.
Archive page amended so brochure/leaflet image is larger and links appear lined up (on desktop).
Archive modded to include 2023-2016 images.
Backed Up

E mail to Martin requesting launch date, text for home page and trial of management logon.

August 2023:
Demo walk set up.
'Management' reports and access set up.
Walker registration system set up.

July 2023:
Replacement domain/hosting package set up.
Wordpress version transferred across, access modified.
Work started on potential replacement.
Potential replacent set up at

To Do at/prior to launch:
Change Home Page Text
Add How and why register page/info
Create staging website (for testing and approval use)
Replace old (wordpress) site for this one.
Remove 'dummy' events.
Clean up temporary registered users.
Add OSMap sitemap generator for google searching.
Update from JEM 4.0.0 to 4.1.0 and test.

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